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The vintage photography that you are viewing is some of the fine works from The J. Thomas Hopkins Collection (1891-1982). The black and white photos are of an era that has long past...Yesteryear if you will. They were taken during the 1940's and 1950's by a photographer who obviously had a keen eye for the art of photography (much like another famous black and white photographer). They show of a time that was much more simple and relaxed where one could stop and appreciate the views that were surrounding them unlike today's hustle and bustle.

There are over 1000 images of J. Thomas Hopkins' works yet to be released. These are a few of the photos of the North Shore (Gloucester, Rockport, Marblehead, Salem, Manchester, Beverly and Essex areas of Massachusetts), the Western United States and from other various trips he made during that time that we have decided to issue in this first release.

5x7 Double Matte (8x10 finished)
8x10 Double Matte (11x14 finished)
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4.25x4.25 Sand Stone Coaster Sets w/Free Display Stand
5.85x7.8 Photo Slate

4.25x4.25 Photo Tile w/6x6 Rosewood Frame
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12 oz. Mugs w/Images

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Joseph Thomas Hopkins, Jr. was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1891. He grew up in and around the fishing towns of Cape Ann, Salem, Gloucester, Essex, Rockport and Marblehead. In his late teens, he spent time as a hired hand on a fishing boat, then served in the infantry in the U.S. Army during World War I.

Tom, his wife Katherine and 3 children lived in Beverly Massachusetts on Cape Ann their entire lives. He always traveled with at least one camera in his car, so even on an ordinary Sunday afternoon drive with his wife, was ready for any worthy view they happened upon.

In the 1950’s they took two trips across the country, driving from Massachusetts to California and Seattle. Many of the photographs available here are of vintage New England and of those trips capturing a time and place in America that is long-gone.

J. Thomas Hopkins was a true artist and, perhaps in a different time, would have been able to pursue his passion for photography as a profession. When he retired, he continued to work part-time in a camera store in Salem, where he was able to indulge in his lifelong love of photography. He died in 1982 at the age 90, leaving behind his yet to be discovered photography.

We are grateful to our grandmother, and to our mother and her sisters, for holding on to the dozens of boxes, folders, and envelopes filled with negatives, spools of film, photographs, and slides. But we are most grateful to our grandfather for giving us this gift to share.